Artist Statement

     My first artistic endeavors, that I can remember, involved tracing paper, old pencils, and the covers of my Sailor Moon VHS tapes. Sailor Moon, and the other cartoons and video games I enjoyed as a kid, instilled in me a love of story telling, character design, super heroes, and an intense respect for the power of friendship. And every one of these factors has been reflected in my art since then. 

     Another influence on my art has been my sexuality. As a gay person, I became increasingly frustrated with the lack of healthy representation and representation of queer women in media. In order to see representations of gay women in comic art, I had to turn to exploring less mainstream work on the internet. 

     Moving forward with my own art I want to focus on representing the LGBTQ community. Through my art I want to give voices to LGBTQ people and to the LGBTQ experience that is not often seen in mainstream media. Not only do I want to highlight what it’s like to exist as a queer person in today’s society, I always want to celebrate queer people via positive and healthy representation that again is not common in today’s media. My ultimate goal with my art is to make gay girls (and everyone) feel a little less alone.

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