My name is Becky Cooper, and while I currently reside in Stockton, CA as a student of The University of the Pacific, I grew up in the small town of Pacific Grove, CA in Monterey County. From a young age I have had a great appreciation for both TV shows and video games, and while my teachers often wished I would invest my time in more productive activities, my love for TV and video games sparked an early love for the arts. Cartoons and video games, particularly nintendo games, inspired me to draw and create my own characters and stories. My love for drawing eventually evolved into a love for all of the arts. In elementary school I became involved with different theatre programs, a hobby that has stuck with me through college as I am currently a part of Pacific’s honor theatre fraternity Theta Alpha Phi. Starting in elementary school I also became involved in my school’s orchestra playing bass. I continued in my school orchestra all throughout high school and while I am not currently involved in any music programs in college, music will always hold an important place in my heart. At Pacific I am currently double majoring in Art and Geology. While I am not entirely sure of the path I intend to take following my time as an undergrad student, I hope to find a way to merge my different passions.

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